Chicken adobo (or pork) is one of the popular (some say the most) dishes in the  Philippines. It refers to a cooking method in which meat, usually pork or chicken is  simmered in vinegar, soy sauce, bay leaves (dahon ng laurel), garlic and black pepper.

The cooking method varies from one place to another depending if you want it crispy or  tender.

This dish is very popular that it is sometimes associated with the word filipino or  pinoy. Proof? There is an  adobo in almost all of the eateries (carinderia) in Metro  Manila which are usually just two or three blocks away from each other.

Now that's a lot!
Chicken Adobo Ingredients:

1 kilo dressed chicken (cut into pieces)
cup soy sauce
cup white vinegar
1 cup water
5 cloves garlic (chopped and crushed)
1 tablespoon blackpepper (peppercorn)
1 piece    bay leaf (laurel)
cup tablespoon cup cooking oil
1 tsp sugar

Chicken Adobo Cooking Procedure:

1. Fry the chicken in a pan until golden brown.
2. Remove the oil from the pan.
3. Add garlic, black pepper, soy sauce, vinegar, bay leaf and water.
4. Put into boiling and stir occasionally.
5. Add sugar (optional)
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